From modest homes to multi-billion dollar enterprises, Information Technology has quietly revolutionized the way we lead our lives and businesses. It has become the driving force of modern lifestyle and is undoubtedly an integral part of our lives now.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that from the number-crunching, card-punching mammoth computers to distributed, virtualized and cloud based computing environments, information technology has travelled its fair share of distance to become a strategy-defining force for profit-driven corporate enterprises.

In such a scenario, not only the IT defined enterprises and hot startups in the Silicon Valley but also the legacy businesses for which IT is a part of the infrastructure or an effective way of speeding up processes, needs expert advice on how to unleash and leverage the power of IT.

The justification of investing on IT or a consultant with deep knowledge and proven expertise on delivering results and adding value will be justified by the gains that can be pulled up by implementation of the strategy devised by an expert.

This is where you can count on my experience to save you millions of dollars.

I, Worris Levine Jr., am a Senior Information Technology Executive in general, with deep and exhaustive knowledge in niche domains like Strategic Planning, Risk Management and Communications Facilitation by deploying profit driven technology solutions.

I have worked with several public and private organizations and have help them extract tremendous value in terms of saving costs and cutting down wastes, optimal use of resources and streamlining of processes and workflows in line with the vision and mission of the organizations.